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A History Of The People

From a time of the arrival of the Europeans in the mid 1600s, both Iroquoian- and Algonquian-speaking folks who were already living in the Credit River Valley area of great shock to see new arrived guests. Being one of the First Nations groups the French traders found around the Credit River area were the Algonquian Mississaugas, a tribe originally from the Georgian Bay region. By the 1700s the Mississaugas had driven away the Iroquoisout of town, yet during the Beaver Wars they played a neutral or post-emptive role in shunning this wonderful tribe. This is also home to great Mortgage Broker Mississauga services in the region to assist with all of your mortgage and refinancing needs.

The encompassing Toronto Township, consisting of most of present-day Mississauga, was formed on 2 August 1805 when officials from York (what is now the City of Toronto) purchased 84,000 acres (340 km²) of land from the Mississaugas in the day of trade. Further, In January 2010, the federal government settled a land claim, in which the Mississaugas aboriginal people received $145,000,000, as compensation for their lost land and lost income during this time of annexation.What is of interest is the original villages and some even later incorporated towns that settled included the south point town Clarkson, Cooksville, Dixie, Erindale which was called Springfield until 1890, Lakeview, the community of Lorne Park, the lake front community of Port Credit, Sheridan and Summerville just a few noteworthy towns in the southern peninsula. Ultimately this region would become known as Toronto Township at that time. Even a part of northeast region of Mississauga, that included the Airport lands and Malton were part of Toronto Gore Township and were governed under that municipal jurisdiction.

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Once plans were reviewed and the land was surveyed, the Crown gave much of it in the form of land grants to United Empire Loyalists who emigrated from the Thirteen Colonies during and after the American Revolution, as well as loyalists from New Brunswick, a province situated in the east of the country. Further, a group of settlers from New York City arrived in the 1830s and have long ties to the community. In a bid to appease certain folks, the government wanted to compensate the Loyalists for property lost in the colonies and encourage development of what was considered frontier land during this tumultuous time. Thus, as recorded, In 1820, the government purchased additional land from the Mississaugas for distributions purposes. Additional settlements were established,  that included Barbertown,  the region of Britannia, the central area of Burnhamthorpe, Churchville, Derry West, Elmbank, Malton, Meadowvale (Village), Mount Charles, and the now known town of Streetsville. European-Canadian settlement led to the eventual displacement of the Mississaugas and banishment from the land. Ultimately, In 1847, the government relocated them to a reserve in the Grand River Valley, near present-day Hagersville, a smaller community, just west of Hamilton. Notably, pre-confederation, the Township of Toronto was formed as a local government; settlements within were not legal villages until much later.  What was Incredibly, not very inclusive of some small villages, some gristmills and even brickworks  that were served by railway lines, most of today’s Mississauga was agricultural land region, which contained fruit orchards that spanned much of the 19th and first half of the 20th century, and now beyond.  Some of the best mortgage brokers in Erin Mills, Mississauga also reside in these areas.

For some, In the 1920s, cottages were constructed along the shores of Lake Ontario as weekend getaway houses for city dwellers who sought out refuge.

In the year of 1937, 1,410.8 acres of land was sold to build Malton Airport  also later known as Pearson International Airport that served the domestic community and beyond. It became Canada’s busiest airport which also put the end to the community of Elmbank that was situated in this area.

The incredible road known as the Queen Elizabeth Way , one of the first controlled-access highways in the world, opened from Highway 27 to Highway 10 in the water community of Port Credit, in 1935 and later subsequently to Hamilton and Niagara in the year of 1939. Also, the first prototypical suburban developments occurred around the same time, in the area south of the Dixie Road/QEW interchange highway system. Significant development in general moved north and west from there over time and around established communities in these areas. There were also two large new towns; Erin Mills and (New) Meadowvale, were started in 1968 and 1969, respectively at the time.

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As the Township had many named settlements within, none of the communities existed legally, and all residents were represented by a singular Township council in the region. The town of Malton had special status as a police village, allowing it partial autonomy at the time). in reflecting the community’s shift away from rural to urban, council converted into a Town in 1968. The towns of Port Credit and Streetsville chose to stay separate, uninterested in ceding their independence or being taxed to the needs of a growing municipality of Mississauga at that time. In the year 1965, there was a call on the public for the naming of the town which resulted in thousands of letters offering hundreds of different suggestions. The town name was chosen by a direct vote over the existing name of Sheridan at the time. There may have been a political desire, and belief that a larger city would be a distinctive class in Peel county, that may have kept Port Credit and Streetsville as independent communities within the village of Mississauga, but both were amalgamated into Mississauga when the city was incorporated as a city in 1974 to the disdain of some. At this time, Mississauga annexed land that was west of Winston Churchill Boulevard about Oakville in the northwestern area, in exchange for lands in the northernmost extremity of the region, that did include Churchville, south of Steeles Avenue which were transferred to Brampton a smaller settlement. It was in this year, Square One Shopping Centre opened; it has since expanded several times during the past decade.

In the year 1979, there was a freight train spill on the Canadian Pacific line that was carrying explosive and dangerous chemicals north of the intersection of Mavis and Dundas in the region known as Cooksville. Inadvertently, one of the tank cars carrying propane exploded, and since other tank cars were carrying chlorine, the decision was made to evacuate nearby residents out of the community. There was a concern and with the possibility of a deadly cloud of chlorine gas spreading through Mississauga, 218,000 people were evacuated from the area. The Mississauga Centre seen from the south-east with a incredible design was supposed to reflect the influence of farm life style which at one point occupied most of the region, the architecture is based on a futuristic farm and the clock tower is the windmill, the main building on the top-right corner is the farmhouse, the cylindrical council chamber is the silo, and the building on the bottom left represents a barn and envisioned by the artist.

Inhabitants and the residents were allowed to return home once the site was deemed safe from danger. It was at the time, the largest peacetime evacuation in North American history to date. Only due to the speed and efficiency with which it was conducted, many cities later studied and mimicked their emergency plans to replicate Mississauga’s, after the railway disaster incident. Even for years afterwards, the name “Mississauga” was, for Canadians, associated with a major rail disaster as a reference point.

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What was a surprise to many is that North American telephone customers placing calls to Mississauga (and other post-1970 Ontario cities) may not recognise the charge details on their bills when viewed at the end of the month. In a redundant fashion, the area’s phone company at the time, Bell Canada, continues to split the city into five historical rate centres–Clarkson, Cooksville, Malton, Port Credit, and Streetsville and the like. Interestingly enough, they did combine all regions as a single Mississauga listing in the phone book which was compiled each year. As a source of great pride, the first Touch-Tone telephones in Canada were introduced in Malton on 15 June 1964, to the shock of many. Despite covid and the toll on mortgage brokers, the best second mortgage brokers do proudly call this city their home base where living and working is concerned.

In January 2010, Mississauga bought land from the Town of Milton and expanded its border by 400 acres (1.6 km2), to Highway 407, affecting 25 residents as the city usurps all that it can in its greater expansion.

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