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We Help With Paying off Mortgage Arrears

The program offers emergency mortgage loans to homeowners

On November 1 2012, homeowners got a reason to smile with the launch of the “85-Alive” program in Ontario by Expert Mortgage – an invaluable product to cover mortgage arrears, property taxes or debt of any sort. It worked on a simple rule: As long as you had a pulse, Expert Mortgage would provide you with a home equity loan, up to 85 per cent of the value of your property. No job requirements. Good or Bad credit, accepted.


The “no questions asked” lending program has been a step ahead of the major banks, which fail to consider applicants with difficult life circumstances that inccur late mortgage payments or mortgage arrears. The major reason behind its launch has been the support of about 200 private lenders who provide money on property value. Mortgage clients looking for a helping hand in rescuing them out from financial debt will find these subprime lenders a blessing in disguise. The success of the program has been exceptional, ever since its commencement, Expert Mortgage has been finding it hard to keep up with a significant volume of calls from mortgage borrowers looking to address their mortgage arrears via a first or second mortgage loan.

To enable mortgage financing and refinancing for the the general public, the company has joint efforts with numerous private lenders in fulfilling the volume of applications. “We’re seeing mostly homeowners behind on mortgage and property taxes and the banks are refusing to restructure their loans. Many of these people have lost jobs due to the bad economy… or they’re self-employed. Unfortunately, unless you are a perfect applicant, with a steady income, significant assets and unblemished credit, the bank may not want to talk to you.”

Expert Mortgage extends a helping hand to homeowners who may be seeking a second mortgage to address any of the above concerns and other not so common expenditures.

We stand out as one of the very few brokerages that commits to finding you the best rate and terms – and we put it in writing, when no one else will.

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