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We specialize in mortgage funding across All of Ontario.

There are a significant amount of our operations originating in the city of Mississauga, we at Best Mortgage Broker Ontario – Expert Mortgage, have come to learn a lot about real estate and mortgages in the region of Peel. If you need advice on a new home purchase or a second mortgage in the region of Peel, we are able to find you the right mortgage solution based on your particular needs. Most of our clients have questions pertaining to refinancing their homes, home equity loans and about mortgage rates and what options they may have in paying off their mortgage loan sooner. If you have any concerns or questions on mortgages, or require a second opinion, do not hesitate to *call me at the phone number listed below for further details.


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Ram PratapRam Pratap
19:47 25 Nov 23
Very happy with the home equity loan they arranged for our condo. If you need a broker, this is the one.
Sean DasilvaSean Dasilva
19:25 25 Nov 23
Thank you. Victor. You got me a great rate on our mortgage refinance. Beth wants to know when you are coming over for dinner.
Absolutely the best broker I have dealt with in the GTA. I needed a second mortgage to bridge the refinance of my home and they got it done. I'm going to use your service again.
James ArmanoJames Armano
22:11 24 Nov 23
One of the best mortgage brokers hands down! We needed financing and they arranged for it in 2 days! Highly recommend.
Mississauga LenderMississauga Lender
19:08 24 Nov 23
Best mississauga mortgage broker we have worked with.
Vivian VoxxVivian Voxx
20:20 23 Nov 23
Victor is the best mortgage broker I've come across. He was very open with me, like a friend. He has saved me thousands of dollars in mortgage interest.
Ronald ButlerRonald Butler
01:43 08 Nov 23
Very knowledgeable assistance for our farm refinance. We needed an equipment loan, but they did better and got the home and acreage assessed and got us the money we needed. Highly recommend.
Investing 4 AllInvesting 4 All
17:20 12 Aug 23
Awesome service. This mortgage broker mississauga does what he says he will do. Top guy in my books.
Juana PamelaJuana Pamela
09:41 28 Apr 23
I was getting nowhere with my bank and needed to get things in order to sell my home. Bestrefinance arranged a renovation loan for me that was approved in one day! Best broker I have come across, very transparent.
Milena SouzaMilena Souza
13:48 26 Apr 23
Having dealt with other mortgage brokers, I was happy to work with Victor. He is like speaking to an old friend. Open and not pushy. Great people to work with.
I work odd hours, shift work and they were able to get me approved and funded for my mortgage without me having to step into an office. Awesome mortgage broker!
Gavin RoyGavin Roy
03:49 29 Mar 23
Great mortgage broker to work with. If you are in Mississauga or GTA, give them a call. Speak with Victor.
Adalyn JohnsonAdalyn Johnson
18:13 01 Dec 22
Thank you once again. The bridge mortgage was timely and helped us purchase our new home. Pleased to have spoken with you over the month. I will not hesitate to call you in the future for any mortgage assistance.
Albert DawsonAlbert Dawson
17:08 21 Nov 22
From my first call with you I felt assured we were on the same page regarding my mortgage renewal. Great mortgage broker you are. Much success going forward.
Miguel AlveMiguel Alve
01:29 19 Nov 22
Thank you again for speaking with me about private mortgage refinancing and lenders we may be able to work with in Mississauga. The banks here have no ability to compete with your services. Thanks for the explanation and call.
Michelle GomezMichelle Gomez
06:45 15 Nov 22
I arranged to call them on a Monday and they had us approved within 48 hours. I have yet to hear back from my banker, go figure. I would recommend this mortgage broker in Mississauga.
Francisco RoseFrancisco Rose
13:33 12 Nov 22
Better mortgage rate than I anticipated, I know the rates are going through the roof. I would recommend you as a mortgage broker near me in Mississauga, it was a fairly pain-free process getting everything together.
Louis RobertsonLouis Robertson
19:25 06 Nov 22
100% recommend to friends and anyone looking for mortgage refinancing in Mississauga. You made it very easy to deal with our mortgage renewal.
David BowieDavid Bowie
01:45 05 Nov 22
Thank you for your assistance. We did not want to renew our second mortgage with a private lender and your assistance was very helpful again. I recommend you for sure.
Vincent GordonVincent Gordon
07:58 16 Oct 22
I would work with this broker again. He has a very good understanding of home equity loans that did not require us to break our mortgage and refinance. We saved thousands for sure.
Juan WheelerJuan Wheeler
06:35 16 Oct 22
Bestrefinance mortgage brokers are the best in Mississauga! We were able to consolidate our debt into one payment. Very satisfied with their work.“The mortgage brokers at bestrefinance are the best in Mississauga, they helped us with our mortgage refinancing and gave us a better rate than the bank. High recommendation!
Eric GordonEric Gordon
04:58 16 Oct 22
Top mortgage broker in Mississauga! The reviews are a testament to this. Great job guys.“When calling around, I found that this mortgage broker was the most open to answering questions. We are in Mississauga and give him top marks”
Mirosław WiśniewskiMirosław Wiśniewski
04:20 16 Oct 22
This company is the best online mortgage broker we have found. Easy to deal with and good communication through email also. Thanks
Miguel TaylorMiguel Taylor
04:11 16 Oct 22
A better mortgage broker in Mississauga, you can call and find out more as they are very professional. Good job.
Willam JohnWillam John
04:06 16 Oct 22
I just put down $50k on my mortgage and needed funds for a bathroom renovation. My branch said no – what a joke! I called this mortgage broker and they got us a home equity loan the same day.
Joseph AlexJoseph Alex
04:04 16 Oct 22
Very happy we found this mortgage broker in Mississauga; they have been helpful from the start and took a lot of stress off our shoulders from what we encountered with the bank m. I do recommend wholeheartedly.
Bill GuestBill Guest
17:28 05 Oct 22
Bestrefinance mortgage brokers are the best in Mississauga! We were able to consolidate our debt into one payment. Very satisfied with their work.
Norman BondNorman Bond
04:35 30 Aug 22
I was referred to your mortgage broker by a friend and am very happy with the mortgage advice on my refinance. Looking forward to working with you again in the future. Best wishes to you.
Frank MeyersFrank Meyers
09:43 27 Aug 22
You were available at all times and returned my calls within an hour, I appreciate very much. I was very concerned about paying off our heloc, but you gave best advice. You are top mortgage broker in Mississauga for sure. We will call you again in the near future.
Joseph DelpJoseph Delp
11:13 26 Aug 22
We needed second mortgage financing and the appraiser had undervalued our property significantly. We spoke with Victor who arranged to speak with them and straighten out the misunderstanding. This was the breaking point between being in a private mortgage and dealing with all sorts of lenders, or dealing with a bank. Very much appreciate your help in this matter.
Marine RobbinsMarine Robbins
16:58 25 Aug 22
My partner and I needed to pay out a private mortgage and needed some alternate options. Best refinance got us a better mortgage rate and product. We are located in Oakville, Ontario,
Tony FloodTony Flood
13:39 25 Aug 22
I did extensive research for my mother’s property, where she needed a private mortgage lender. Best refinance was by far the top mortgage broker in Mississauga that assisted me in getting the best mortgage rate. Will recommend.
02:29 20 Aug 22
Awesome mortgage broker for all in Mississauga! The second mortgage specialists we relied on to sell our house after renovations. Thank you, Victor.
Alex WilkinsAlex Wilkins
06:18 19 Aug 22
I was dealing with a mortgage broker in Toronto who had no clue about where I lived. Victor the broker knew my street well and the community I am a part of in Mississauga. It was very heart warming to speak with them, they are just wonderful to talk with also.
James RaynJames Rayn
15:19 18 Aug 22
I will vote for this mortgage broker as the best online. They got us out of our second mortgage and referred us into a credit union. THEY ARE THE BEST!
Robert StewardRobert Steward
06:11 18 Aug 22
No nonsense brokers. We got our second refinancing for our mortgage in under a week without having to provide a dossier expected from the bank. Do yourself a favour and let these guys worry about getting the mortgage funding. Great job overall.
A Google User
A Google User
01:55 18 Aug 22
I would work with this broker again. He has a very good understanding of home equity loans that did not require us to break our mortgage and refinance. We saved thousands for sure.
Rose WangRose Wang
12:10 10 Aug 22
I went to Victor about my mortgage renewal with my bank and asked him to do better. He effectively coached me on what to say to my bank about cutting my renewal rate by over half a percentage point. I will give 5 stars but a 100 more for integrity. Thanks again.
Richard LillyRichard Lilly
11:23 09 Aug 22
Thanks, will refer your brokerage to my family in Toronto. Our experience with your office was positive and professional. I am in Mississauga and will call you again if I need mortgage assistance.
Howard DelgadilloHoward Delgadillo
06:54 09 Aug 22
Having called the bank for the 10th time and not getting anywhere, I googled second mortgage in Mississauga and came across Bestrefinance. They did a great job. Call them for yourself if you need mortgage assistance.
Lou JohnsonLou Johnson
06:10 08 Aug 22
We needed renovation mortgage and they arranged a second mortgage within days to get our project done. It was seamless and we didn’t have to provide a million documents. The house is now looking great- thanks expert mortgage broker.
Eulah DonnellyEulah Donnelly
22:01 05 Aug 22
This mortgage broker was recommended to me when I was given no answers by my blue bank, much better interaction and professional where mortgage refinancing is concerned. More options than one single bank. I recommend them and live near square one, Mississauga.
Jonathan DinwiddieJonathan Dinwiddie
19:41 05 Aug 22
We were searching online for a mortgage broker in Mississauga and found Victor at Bestrefinance. We have had the best experience with him regarding our mortgage refinance and recommend him to anyone seeking mortgage related advice.
Eleanor BirchEleanor Birch
08:29 26 Jul 22
Very happy with mortgage broker who gave us better rate. I give five stars for this help.
Alfie BrowneAlfie Browne
09:09 25 Jul 22
Thank you for your mortgage assistance. You are a great mortgage broker in Mississauga city. I will call you again.
Kerry MorfordKerry Morford
16:18 23 Jul 22
Strong 5 stars guys! You did what you said you would and my mothers property is now sold due to your second mortgage funding! The renos went smoothly and the lawyer you recommended was awesome, very pleased.
Dildy LesleyDildy Lesley
16:08 23 Jul 22
One of the better mortgage brokers I have found in Mississauga. I was not getting anywhere with my bank and called Victor. Great insights and professional. Cheers from Clarkson/
Peterson JuliusPeterson Julius
18:22 21 Jul 22
Victor was great to deal with. His mannerism and understanding of mortgages is very sound. We are in Lorne Park, Mississauga and recommend him wholeheartedly.
Wyatt GoudyWyatt Goudy
13:48 18 Jul 22
After searching on google for a mortgage broker in Mississauga, we came across this business that has been wonderful to deal with. I would recommend anyone seeking mortgage financing to contact them.
karry martinkarry martin
04:20 01 May 22
The mortgage approval was quick,but more importantly they gave me options and a crash course on what to expect.I called and emailed and always got a hold of someone to speak with. I was nervous about private mortgage lenders in general as I have never heard of the names or what they did. I am confident we are in a better place than last year.Will deal with these brokers again.
Joshua BassettJoshua Bassett
11:56 27 Apr 22
These brokers have the best rates by far.We needed a private lender for renovations.We were funded very fast.We are in Mississauga, Clarkson.
William FordWilliam Ford
22:02 26 Apr 22
I first spoke with Victor and then Michael about my condo refinance near square one, Mississauga.They did a great job on getting me a good rate at the bank.Good service indeed.
Megan CumminsMegan Cummins
16:01 18 Apr 22
Excellent service - make sure to deal with Victor. Very personable and honest.
Stella StStella St
06:34 18 Apr 22
They are very knowledgeable and honest,based on my many conversations with the mortgage broker at this company.I asked many questions and got the same answer which was a green light for me.Our home equity loan was processed in a professional manner.Being an academic, I appreciated the intelligent banter with the staff at this company.
Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton
06:44 16 Apr 22
Our family needed to move from our current home in Mississauga and these mortgage brokers dida great job on getting us money for our renovations. Do recommend.
Devid muralyDevid muraly
05:40 25 Mar 22
Superior service! Victor,l am referring you to all my friends and family. You took care of everything to the point where the lawyer was only a zoom call away.Top mortgage broker services inMississauga hands down.
Harold MurphyHarold Murphy
14:29 22 Mar 22
100% do and will recommend this mortgage broker to everyone. The service is very personal and transparent. Our family is in PortCredit Ontario.
Jordi RamírezJordi Ramírez
01:01 22 Mar 22
Our debt consolidation went very smoothly with this company. I would refer this mortgage broker to all. I am in Toronto, ON.
Walter GuzmanWalter Guzman
02:05 20 Mar 22
We moved to Erin Mills a year ago and needed a Mississauga mortgage broker to assist us with refinance.They made it very easy for us. We do recommend their services. Thank you.
Derriel CostaDerriel Costa
04:56 06 Mar 22
From google search I got your mortgage broker information. We needed 2nd mortgage. We are good. Thank you. We are in the Mississauga, Canada.
Pawlo DybalaPawlo Dybala
09:36 05 Mar 22
Victor and Michael are the best. I am at square one, and they gave me excellent advice on my condo refinance. Call them first or last, but do call.
Wanda CadyWanda Cady
05:02 02 Mar 22
We are very happy with our interaction with Bestrefinance mortgage in Mississauga. We do recommend.
John WeberJohn Weber
17:17 27 Feb 22
The best options where second mortgages are concerned. I called around and this brokers rate was the best I found.
Tina MooreyTina Moorey
13:32 26 Feb 22
I recommend this mortgage broker! We found his transparency to be very refreshing – we are in Streetsville.
Alexis PaquetteAlexis Paquette
17:10 24 Feb 22
Our mortgage refinance went smoothly. Great advice from this broker in Mississauga. We are in Port credit.
Erik ValverdeErik Valverde
12:22 25 Jan 22
Very pleased with your assistance. Our mortgage refinance on our condo in Toronto went smoothly, better than our banks previous attempt. Professional service all the way.
Jackson HewittJackson Hewitt
16:28 24 Jan 22
I deal with a previous mortgage broker at a bank and I never got a straight answer. Victor on the other hand was very transparent. He talked to me like a friend and was always willing to put things in writing – this spoke volumes to me. I do and will recommend him in Mississauga.
Liam DunbarLiam Dunbar
16:23 23 Jan 22
Thank you for your assistance and follow up through the process. Mortgage broker Victor always returned my calls same day and explained the mortgage process in easy-to-understand terms. I must say I am more knowledgeable about mortgages than perhaps my bank ha!
Jackson HewittJackson Hewitt
05:11 21 Jan 22
Very pleased with your assistance. Our mortgage refinance on our condo in Toronto went smoothly, better than our banks previous attempt. Professional service all the way.
trevor burontrevor buron
13:35 05 Jan 22
best advice and solutions when anybody need solution for their debt consolidation and 2nd mortgage needs. Victor resoved our second mortgage needs with very effective and low rate solution. thanks for your help
Violet ChanViolet Chan
01:56 01 Jan 22
When the bank failed to get back to me. I called Bestrefinance mortgage broker and found out why. Thanks for being honest about your second mortgage options. I appreciate your professionalism.
Tom BantonTom Banton
22:18 29 Dec 21
After shopping around. I found your service on google. You are the best option for our mortgage and we are pleased to deal with you. Thank you again to you and your staff.
Felicity PaquetteFelicity Paquette
20:25 24 Dec 21
We live in Mississauga and recommend this mortgage broker. Very detailed and helpful in explaining all options. Excellent customer service for sure.
13:57 21 Dec 21
I would like to thank victor for helping me with the refinancing of my mortgage. He went above and beyond. he was very helpful and knowledgeable and I appreciate all the hard work
Kelvin DaveyKelvin Davey
14:59 17 Dec 21
I had a great experience with victor! He did not display any pushy sales tactics. After reviewing my renewal situation he actually advised me to keep my mortgage with my current lender as it would be the best outcome. This kind of honesty was greatly appreciated and hard to find!
Kayla HuntKayla Hunt
14:44 27 Nov 21
I found your broker services very helpful and knowledgeable. I spoke with the bank on a number of occasions and they could not answer any of my questions. I am grateful for your honesty and the options provided for refinancing my mortgage.
Isabel OwnerIsabel Owner
08:22 17 Nov 21
Very happy with the results with the home line of credit approval. The rate was better than what we were quoted from other brokers. We are in Port Credit.
Anila powellAnila powell
14:30 16 Nov 21
Great mortgage broker service in Mississauga. We are located near square one and had better luck with them then our own bank.
James WrightJames Wright
09:17 26 Aug 21
We had an urgent request to help refinance our home and help correct some debt we had. He was very quick with responses and offered a deal that was easy and worked out great. Everything happened very quickly and without issues. We would recommend his services!
James MarteJames Marte
11:15 24 Aug 21
I want to thank you for taking the time to review my mortgage and give me the right advice on how to refinance my mortgage. I never knew there were other options of borrowing on our home and we very much needed the line of credit you mentioned. I know you have banking background, but the bank representatives never gave us all our options. You are very honest. God bless.
Denise CassenDenise Cassen
15:04 20 May 21
We called around and spoke with multiple brokers and could not get a reasonable explanation on rates for our mortgage refinance. So last week, we called Vic and had a half hour conference call with him where he laid out our options in detail. I was surprised how simple it was! In fact he even gave us tips on how to re-negotiate our mortgage with our current bank! Wowy! I rate this guy as one of the top mortgage broker outfits in Toronto.

A mortgage broker can benefit you in the following manner:

Mississauga Mortgage Broker In Erindale

The Best Mortgage Brokers in Ontario compared to the Banks: Who do you pick?

There are a variety of ways to obtain a mortgage, but let’s concentrate on two distinct channels: “mortgage brokers versus banks.” Mortgage brokers act as wholesale intermediaries between banks/mortgage lenders and borrowers to arrange finance for homeowners.Consumer-direct lending refers to banks and lenders that engage directly with homeowners to provide finance on a retail basis. Mortgage brokers make up a significant portion of the mortgage industry, accounting for roughly 10% of all home loan originations.

In reality, during the mortgage bubble, their part of the mortgage pie was as high as 30%, but it plummeted after the mortgage crisis.

Brokers also continue to play an important part in the market and may be very helpful to both potential homeowners and those wishing to refinance their mortgage.

Both have their benefits and drawbacks

  • Both might be a fantastic option for first-time buyers and homeowners.
  • However, it is dependent on your specific financing situation and requirements.
  • When looking for a home loan, it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation.
  • Compare the two to guarantee you get the best deal on interest and fees.

Both offer advantages and disadvantages, and you may not have much of a choice if you have bad credit or are in a difficult lending situation. When it comes to getting a mortgage, the majority of homeowners turn to banks or larger, high volume mortgage lenders.

They are the most obvious option, owing to the fact that most customers’ primary banking institution offers house loan services. This allows for one-stop purchasing, as well as a level of trust and continued engagement. In a nutshell, it’s the simple solution for someone wishing to apply for a mortgage.

Borrowers who have problems qualifying for a mortgage or who need to finance complicated arrangements are sometimes turned down by large banks that do not specialize in residential mortgages – will need additional resources.

Using a mortgage broker Mississauga, is often the next best alternative for these folks.

Brokers know the mortgage terrain and may get you approved in difficult situations

Whether it’s home equity loans, second mortgage loans, mortgage refinance loans, just a borrower with terrible credit, a mortgage broker in Mississauga often have access to far more loan products and types than a large-scale bank.

If you use a broker, you may get a more personalized loan experience, where they can carve out answers to your concerns, such as a low-down payment, a poor credit history, or the desire to cut closing costs and/or avoid mortgage insurance.

You may feel more involved in the mortgage process than if you used one of the large financial organizations, albeit not everyone wants to speak with or see a human being face to face.

Many mortgage companies and online mortgage lenders pride themselves on being able to complete transactions remotely, by email or even SMS. There is no need to bring your phone! Yes, smartphones; nevertheless, dialing them is a no-no.

Companies like the big 5 Mortgage lending banks are already demonstrating this tendency. Some of the country’s largest and most reputable mortgage broker Mississauga lenders are even attempting to digitize the entire loan process.

A Mortgage Broker is generally more down to earth

It’s also possible that the application processes will differ significantly. A large bank may just inform you that your credit score is too low, whereas a broker may explain how credit scores are calculated. Then provide suggestions, such as paying off credit cards or school loans, to ensure that you are eligible in the future.

The upshot is that a huge bank is unlikely to go the extra mile for you, whereas a broker may be able to discover solutions if/when hurdles arise.

Part of the reason for this is that a broker has access to a variety of lending partners, but a bank is limited to its single suite of credit offerings. They won’t be able to shop alternate lenders.

A Mississauga mortgage broker may be a better alternative for someone who needs assistance or simply wants more attention, such as a first-time home buyer.

In contrast, if you know what you’re doing and have previously obtained a home mortgage, and your loan is fairly straightforward, online consumer-direct mortgage lenders may be the best option, at least in terms of pricing.

What can they do about Interest Rates?

  • Brokers can sometimes offer lower mortgage rates, but this isn’t always the case.
  • It depends on their pay and the wholesale banks with which they are permitted to work.
  • Always compare retail and wholesale interest rates to ensure you’re not overpaying for your mortgage.
  • There are both pricey and inexpensive banks and brokers.

Mortgage brokers in Mississauga can be equally as competitive as banks when it comes to pricing, as long as the broker does not charge too much off the top.

That is, they should not set a compensation level so high that they make overtly high commission on every loan, effectively nullifying whatever advantage they had over a bank.

Wholesale rates can be significantly lower than retail interest rates offered by banks, resulting in a lower monthly mortgage payment.

Most borrowers will, of course, try to get a loan from their local bank or credit union before going to a mortgage broker Mississauga.

Banks appear to be the more reliable and familiar option, and they frequently offer borrowers discounts based on a prior connection.

Qualifying is easier and may result in a lower rate because the bank already has a lot of information about the client, such as the balance of the borrower’s checking and savings accounts.

There’s also the option of using a non-bank lender, which doesn’t have physical branches or offer deposit accounts but may offer lower mortgage rates and fees than banks and brokers.

Benefits of working with a bank, directly

  • You can make use of an existing relationship (discounts if you have a checking or savings account)
  • You already know who will be handling your mortgage.
  • Perhaps more dependable and accountable than a smaller store.
  • In some circumstances, lower interest rates.
  • Add a mortgage to an existing banking profile and set up automatic payments from linked accounts.

Drawbacks of working directly with a bank

  •  Loan plans that are conservative and/or limited
  •  They keep the yield-spread premium a secret.
  • Protracted, bureaucratic, and time-consuming process.
  • Possibility of making misleading promises.
  • They make errors (some bank loan officers are very green).
  • Has the potential to overcharge you (commission isn’t required to be disclosed).
  • Incompetence (in some circumstances, if they’re just general bankers or customer service types, they may be under-educated regarding the house loan procedure).

Benefits of working with a Mortgage Broker

  • They handle all of the legwork for you, liaising with the lender on your behalf.
  • They simultaneously compare wholesale mortgage rates from a large number of banks and lenders.
  • Wholesale interest rates may be lower than retail interest rates (at bank branches).
  • Because they work with a variety of banks and lenders, you have additional lending possibilities.
  • Because of their knowledge and various lending partners, brokers can finance difficult deals.
  • They Are usually easier to communicate with and less bureaucratic.
  • You might be able to get your loan closed sooner.

Challenges in working with a broker

  • Dealing with a new mortgage broker, like everyone else, make mistakes.
  • There’s a chance they will provide you with more information than you need.
  • New mortgage agents may not be very knowledgeable (poorly educated about the home loan process in some cases if newbies or simply disorganized).
  • New brokers may not be aware of or eligible for some bank loan programs (approval varies considerably).

You might be pleasantly surprised

  • Banks and brokers can offer a wide range of services and prices.
  • When you hire a broker, you get one person who may come highly recommended.
  • You never know who you’ll get if you use a large bank with a lot of personnel.
  • As a result, your experience may be heavily influenced by the loan officer with whom you’re paired.

All of this being stated, your experience will be greatly influenced by the people you select to work with.

Some banks and mortgage businesses may overcharge you or give you the runaround, but a mortgage broker Mississauga may perform a fantastic job for you and negotiate a lower mortgage rate. And the other way around does apply to the same.

It actually depends on your position and the bank or broker you end up working with, so do your research and ask for references first.

When it comes to banks, brokers, and loan officers, most real estate agents will advise you to their favored bank, broker, or loan officer.

You are not obligated to utilize them, but they can help you get through the mortgage pre-approval process more quickly.

There are good and poor Mississauga mortgage brokers, just as there are good and bad banks.

However, because it’s only one person (and their team), rather than a giant bank with thousands of personnel, utilizing a broker is likely to provide a more consistent experience.

Big banks have a large number of employees that keep moving around

Yes, even within the same bank, results can differ. That’s why, when you look at their historical performance, you’ll find mixed assessments. Some people adore them, while others despise them. In many instances, the bank officer you dealt with on one day may move on to another branch the next day – there are a lot of promotions/demotions including employee turnover in these large institutions.
If you’re debating between a bank and a broker, many loan officers at retail banks now have their own client reviews, so check them out. This can eliminate some of the guessing.

Because many brokers are small businesses, it’s simple to read their evaluations and speak with someone over the phone or in person if you prefer.

Most of them offer personalized service, which means you’ll have a direct phone number to call and can even drop by their office if you have questions. The big banks may not provide the same level of service.

A mortgage broker Mississauga, may be a smart alternative for you if you want someone to guide you through the financing process, especially if it’s your first time buying real estate. With a commission on the line, they also tend to work a little harder.

To summarize, mortgage brokers can be a smart alternative when shopping for a home loan, but you should always compare their prices and service to those offered by your local bank or credit union to be sure.

Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario

Certain Mississauga mortgage brokers are part of a Mortgage Brokers Association in Ontario or other industry group. These associations do assist and provide certain licensing and continuing education courses to their members. The associations may also represent the mortgage brokering community in dealing with agencies, licensing bodies and regulators on the local and provincial level in the province of Ontario. As a member in good standing with any particular Mortgage Brokers Association in Ontario, Mississauga mortgage brokers will be expected to follow and abide by the professional standards provided by the respective association and fulfill all qualification criteria stated in the association’s mandate. Mortgage brokers licensed under this association are able to assist clients with mortgage refinance matters  and qualifying for a second mortgage as well. A special note when dealing in 2nd mortgages, always have an exit plan that will look at combining your 1st and 2nd mortgage into one at some point in the future.

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Mortgage Brokers in Cooksville Mississauga

The Licensing of A Mortgage Broker in Ontario

To be legally working in the city of Mississauga as a licensed mortgage broker or agent, the individual must meet specific requirements outlined by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). All matters pertaining to educational requirements must be approved by the Superintendent and the regulating body FSRA. If you are looking for a reverse mortgage, you can also work with a mortgage professional in your community.

Mortgage Refinance Application Cash Loan Concept

mississauga mortgage broker

Private Mortgage Lenders & Additional Mortgage Professionals

During the purchase or refinancing of a property in Mississauga, you can expect to be in contact with other professionals such as: realtors, home appraisers/inspectors along with Private mortgage lenders & real estate lawyers. In the province of Ontario, Realtors are overseen by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). RECO has the purpose of monitoring and regulating real estate professionals in the province of Ontario on behalf of the government of Ontario. A mortgage broker Mississauga can refer you to a seasoned realtor that may be able to assist you in finding the right property in Mississauga and negotiate with the seller on your behalf to close the deal. Always try to work with your bank if you have a current mortgage with them to see if you have any options relating to blending your mortgage or porting it in the event you are moving to a new location. Even if you are looking to purchase a rental, a broker can assist with refinancing your current mortgage or providing you with a second mortgage to assist with the down payment on a new property. As brokers, we have a wide network of Private Mortgage lenders available to suit your requirements, in the event you require such assistance.

Home inspectors in Ontario are presently not regulated, however, the province is looking into new legislation to regulate the house inspection industry. To find a qualified inspector, it would be suggested to consult The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, given, it is the only recognized body of home inspectors in the province of Ontario to be known of at the time of this publication. For further information, it is best to consult their website when seeking out a qualified home inspector.

The city of Mississauga has competent real estate lawyers that can assist clients by ensuring all real estate transactions proceed smoothly and have all legal documents completed in a timely manner. Moreover, a real estate lawyers’ main priority is to ensure their client’s rights are protected during the purchase, 2nd mortgage or mortgage refinancing process. In the event you require assistance in the form of a referral to any of the above listed real estate professionals, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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The city of Mississauga is a large Canadian city that neighbours the city of Toronto on Lake Ontario. The city extends on the lakefront with a community know as Port Credit, that has shops, a fully functional lighthouse along with a marina and a grounded freighter. There are multi-functional trails that wind through the city’s parks and woodlands. In the centre of this sprawling city, a well know icon for festivals known as Mississauga Celebration Square hosts multicultural festivals and has a skating rink in winter. The city is also know as having several large shopping malls, with square one being the flagship destination located in the heart of the city.

The growth of Mississauga is generally credited to its overall proximity to the city of Toronto. Over the past few decades, the city has attracted a multicultural population and built up a progressive and thriving business community. Malton, which is a subdivision of the city,  is known to be the home of the Toronto Pearson International Airport, the country’s busiest airport, and headquarters to many national and multinational companies. Most of Mississauga’s population is spread out amidst communities that are located on and named on the basis of previous Native Canadian villages and hamlets that existed prior to the amalgamation of the city.

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