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Would I get a better deal on my mortgage rate if I shop around myself?

2019-06-08 Jun 8, 2019

Absolutely not … and for several reasons:

When a deal comes through a mortgage broker, the lender knows that the broker is aware of the rates offered by other institutions and will take the deal elsewhere if they don’t at least match those rates.

Every time your credit bureau is pulled by a lender your credit score drops. By applying at multiple institutions your credit score will slowly deteriorate. At EXPERT MORTGAGE we pull your credit bureau only ONCE and send the same bureau off to multiple institutions on your behalf.

Rates published in newspapers are never the best rate a lender offers to mortgage brokers. Also, they are often not updated and therefore inaccurate.

Since shopping through EXPERT MORTGAGE is free for qualified residential first mortgages, there is no advantage to spending hours of your time shopping around and getting into aggressive confrontations with lenders.

If there are some minor credit or income issues on your application, you may say something to the lender that you’ll regret later. By speaking through us, the same way an accused person speaks through his lawyer, you can never put your foot in your mouth


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