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With all of the options available in the second mortgage Toronto market, most people need an experienced mortgage professional to guide them through the mortgage qualifying process. Our dedicated agent will speak to you in detail to determine what your options are with respect to your unique circumstances along with providing you the best terms and interest rate in the market. We have over 400+ lenders in Ontario, that include Banks, Credit Unions and MICs (Mortgage Investment Corporations) to serve your second mortgage needs. In addition to finding you the lowest rate in writing, we carefully vet each lender to ensure they meet our rigorous standards that put our client’s interests first and foremost in the second mortgage process. A second mortgage loan is in fact riskier than the first mortgage, since lenders in this case are in second position on the title of your property.

Getting a 2nd mortgage means that you will be using your home as collateral to secure a loan. Most lenders are rather hesitant to provide second mortgage loans for various reasons. However, when equity has been built and grown in the property, this may appeal to the lender to provide a second loan. The second mortgage loan can be used to provide relief to homeowners. This can be used for minor repairs, renovations and take care of smaller debts. There are a number of plans that lenders offer and it is advisable for every homeowner to be sure of the rates that they would be getting.


What is a Second Mortgage Calculator?

A second mortgage calculator is a tool that will allow you to calculate the amount of money that you can qualify for a second mortgage. This will also make it easier to calculate the monthly repayments that will be expected. The calculator will give you the complete picture of how much money can be borrowed and the required monthly payments. If you do not know how to use the calculator, we will be glad to answer all the questions and help you make the right decision. Second mortgages have become a preferred option for proper who seek to access fast equity, without refinancing the 1st mortgage.

Second mortgage loans are readily available and the fact that most lenders are not keen on the income levels or credit rating is a huge advantage for many homeowners. With our calculator, we will make it easier for you to determine the affordability of the loan before proceeding to have it processed. There are significant advantages and benefits of second mortgages. Lenders pay attention to the equity of the home and as such, people facing tax arrears, mortgage arrears, bankruptcy, low income, or poor credit will qualify for such mortgages.

How a Second Mortgage Calculator Works

The lending policy of second mortgages is easier and this has increased the number of homeowners who are going for it in Toronto. If you have bad debts and cannot qualify for other borrowing options, this would be a great solution. You can use the second mortgage to pay off the other loans and debts that attract high interests. With the second mortgage calculator, you will easily be able to put everything into perspective. As such, you can consolidate all the debts that you have. Using the second mortgage calculator is easy and works to your advantage. You will be aware of the mortgage rates and the monthly repayments expected.

In order to use the calculator, you should enter a number of values in the calculator. The basic information that you have to enter is:

With this information, our 2nd mortgage calculator will be able to show you the value of your home’s equity. This is the amount that serves as the equity to use for the second mortgage. The calculator is comprehensive and will be able to calculate the interest rates of the second mortgage as well as the expected monthly payments. Our experts are always available to help you and answer any questions that you may have.

How Much Can I Borrow Against My Home?

If you are interested in the second mortgage, the equity you have built for your home is what counts. The lenders offer interest-only payments and as such, that would be no option for the amortization on the mortgage. Most contracts are short term, up to 1 year, with an option to renew. To determine the amount of money that you can borrow against your home, the current rates and conditions in the real estate market will come into play. This will be used to determine the equity that is available to secure a second mortgage. The conventional factors like income level and credit rating are not considered. Lenders need the most recent appraisal report to be completed within a month by a professional company. Ideally, for the first mortgage, you can get up to 90% of the total value of the property. However, with the second mortgage, it will be about 80% of the property value. The rates will value and this why a second mortgage calculator comes in handy. We have knowledgeable advisors that will weigh all the options and analyze your needs so as to help you make the right decision.

Get Help in Managing Mortgages

When you are in debt, there are different offers that come your way. At some point, you may realize that you have a couple of mortgages for the same property. A second mortgage calculator is an ideal tool to help you keep up with reality. There are different types of mortgages and in most cases, the first one is the hardest to secure. Do not be tempted to take up more mortgages that you can handle and this why we would be willing to help you make the right decisions.

Our second mortgage calculator will be useful to anyone who is contemplating securing another loan against their home. We have designed a calculator that is comprehensive and detailed. Our tool is easy to use and will give a true and fair view of your equity. If you are looking for a second mortgage calculator that works, you are in the right place. Contact us today and we will be glad to offer the best solutions and professional advice on 2nd mortgage loans.

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