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Let’s face it, when considering to remortgage or refinance, the savings are perhaps one of the most important concerns. Hence when looking to take out extra funds or renewing your existing mortgage, it only makes sense to speak with a mortgage professional who has assisted hundreds of clients with determining the overall savings one can accomplish with a refinance. When looking for the best options in mortgage refinancing & remortgaging, Victor Kaushal at Expert Mortgage can walk you through the paperwork with ease, and assist you with getting a better solution than most other financial institutions. Not all institutions can qualify you in regards to your mortgage refinance application, however, rest assured, we have over 25 years of experience in successfully funding difficult refinance situations.You can contact us 7 days a week for assistance in funding all of your refinancing needs!

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There are numerous instances where you may be thinking about whether it makes sense to refinance your mortgage for a larger amount in order to consolidate your bills or take out a second mortgage instead. There are some key questions to keep in mind when choosing the most appropriate option. In particular:

What are the pros and cons of engaging in a remortgage?


The Pros:

You may be able to save money by paying a lower interest rate or by also consolidating expensive interest debt (such as credit cards) into much cheaper interest debt. You might also be mortgage-free faster if you can remortgage with a lower amortization period and/or better prepayment privileges. Making use of a remortgage (refinance) to unlock your home’s equity is generally considerably cheaper than taking out any  other sorts of unsecured loan.

The Cons:

Once you increase your mortgage, this may generally equate with a higher mortgage payments, impacting your monthly income at your disposable. Furthermore, the new stress test being used to qualify borrowers means that it is now more difficult to qualify for the same mortgage of past years. Some lenders might not lend to you anymore more or even the same amount as your present mortgage. If you decide remortgage before your current mortgage term is up, prepayment penalties can cost you thousands of dollars.

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Remortgaging may be the right move if it can reduce your cost or repayment or some cases, the amount of your mortgage payment. If it helps you payoff your mortgage loan quicker, you will have built up equity in your property and be free and clear sooner with having paid less interest than if you had to payoff your mortgage indefinitely. As discussed earlier, refinancing your home mortgage can be a valuable tool that will allow for you to bring your debt under control. Before you refinance, consult with your mortgage broker. and consider the following: How long do you plan on living in the home? How much money will you save by refinancing your home?

As trusted mortgage brokers in Ontario, We work with multiple lenders, offering you various financial options tailored to your borrowing needs. In addition to speedy approvals, in most cases within 24 hours, Expert Mortgage has years of experience in the emergency lending industry, and can assist you with navigating through the process in difficult life circumstances. We will find you the best terms and even advise on a second mortgage in Ontario, if it applies to your circumstance.

We stand out as one of the very few brokerages that commits to finding you the best rate and terms for your refinance project – and we put it in writing, when no one else will..


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