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A Power of Sales method (and in cases of a Foreclosure) allows a mortgage lender to sell the property of a borrower if the borrower is in breach of one or more of the stated mortgage conditions. Notably, "mortgage arrears" and non-payment of the mortgage is the most common of all such breaches. In any occurrence, it is wise to contact us at Expert Mortgage so that we may act immediately to stop power of sale, which is a legal process and help you to retain the possession of your home when dealing with a Power of Sale matter.

We will stop power of sale and foreclosure process in 24 hours!
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Important Factors To Stop Power Of Sale Process

For more than two decades, our team has been upfront in refinancing and stopping the Power of Sale process for numerous clients, which in many cases included situations related to tax arrears and mortgage default payments. We have accrued EXCELLENT credibility among our Private investors and lawyers representing the banks and large financial institutions where resolving the Power of Sale for our clients is concerned. Having credible links with investors and lawyers helps grant more time to provide you with an array of options to stop power of sale in Ontario, hence ensuring several benefits for your cause:

  • It typically takes less than 48 business hours for us to issue a commitment and STOP power of sale COLD.
  • Immaterial of your income, credit or past turn-downs, we will approve you if you have sufficient Equity in the home. At the most, You can borrow 85% of Appraised Value of your home.
  • Once we issue the commitment, we disclose all the costs associated with the Power of Sale transaction. We will NEVER demand any upfront brokerage fee.
  • Most Private Investors may consider doing an appraisal of your property, which is perhaps the only upfront cost to stop power of sale in Ontario.
It is important to know that paying off your first mortgage prior to maturity can at times cost you a fortune. Expert Mortgage often performs debt consolidation and provides a second mortgage that matures at the same time when the first mortgage matures. When both mortgages reach maturity, we may combine them together and hence, do our very best to save you even more money.

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