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How I would engage a large mortgage lender to secure a better mortgage refinancing rate for my home

When dealing with a large financial institution, negotiating a better refinancing rate for your mortgage can sound intimidating, if not an outright terrifying task when entering your local branch. Sitting on the other side of the desk, and contemplating the power that the mortgage representative may have in approving or declining any mortgage application, can …

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Can mortgage refinancing save me thousands of dollars?

“Why would I want to refinance my mortgage today?” Is a question, I was asked by clients on a daily basis, when it came to finding savings and consolidating high interest debt with a new mortgage. As a former mortgage representative for a multi-billion dollar lending institution, I have had my fair share of discussions …

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Renewal Process of a Mortgage

A question that comes up fairly frequently in the renewal process of a mortgage: If I switch my mortgage from my bank to another lender to get a better rate, are there any fees? Neither we nor the new lender will charge you any fees. All legal fees and appraisal costs are absorbed by the …

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Does it cost anything for EXPERT MORTGAGE to arrange my mortgage?

There are no fees paid by borrowers on qualified residential first mortgages. Lenders pay EXPERT MORTGAGE a “finder’s fee” for us to direct you to them. For example, if you take a $200,000 residential first mortgage for a 5 year fixed term, most lenders will pay us about $1,500. So unlike bank employees who get …

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“Highly” Inflated Real Estate Market

A common question we get in this age of the “highly” inflated real estate market is: I don’t have 20% down but I don’t want to pay insurance… is there an alternative?? Luckily for you, there is! Since EXPERT MORTGAGE is both a broker and a lender, we can lend you the difference between your …

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