Toronto Second Mortgage Broker

Tax implications in the sale of your Principal residence in Toronto

As a mortgage agent, I usually deal with questions pertaining to second mortgages and mortgage refinancing questions relating to a principal residence. As most of you know, the red-hot real estate market in Ontario has been ongoing with the surging prices in property values ever increasing with no end in sight. This has led to …

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Important considerations when getting a second mortgage at the bank

It seems that every bank these days has a special on their mortgage rate for new and existing clients alike. Many clients I have spoken to, believe that owning a home, automatically qualifies them for receiving the banks best posted mortgage rate or a special on their second mortgage refinancing endeavour. The reality, however, may …

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A lower mortgage rate- blend and extend mortgage in Mississauga?

As a mortgage agent, I have seen many large institutions offer a product known as the blend and extend mortgage rate product. A blend and extend mortgage is where a mortgage lender may allow me to take out a new loan amount on my existing mortgage and extend the length of the mortgage before the …

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Why use a Mortgage broker in Mississauga, Ontario?

I recall, about 15 years ago, (having never heard of a mortgage broker) working at the branch and sitting at my desk when a client peeked into my office and asked if I could witness his signature for a mortgage refinancing documents. I was taken aback, when I noticed that the mortgage refinance was indeed …

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Mortgage refinancing negotiations with a large financial institution

As most mortgage brokers and mortgage agents in Mississauga, can attest to, is that it would be prudent to get anything of value from a mortgage refinancing commitment standpoint, in writing. I can not count the number of times I was in the branch environment, across from customers who were blue in the face, confirming …

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Mortgage refinancing and considerations to keep in mind

In my many years as a mortgage agent with the bank, and subsequently as a mortgage agent licensed with the Province of Ontario, I have seen hundreds of applications approved and some not given any consideration as a result of non-qualifying criteria. In this section, we will cover some of the most common concerns and …

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